Miko Consulting Group understands that one of the most important elements of a successful enterprise is marketing.  Knowing the healthcare marketplace, how to position new technology, and developing unique products are key challenges facing any medical technology company. 

We provide essential research, evaluation and analysis of market trends. Together with our clients we can develop market intelligence necessary for the successful commercialization of promising medical technology.  We understand the complex issues surrounding the healthcare industry and are certain that we can provide the path for successful commercialization especially to start-up companies.

Regardless of how advanced and sophisticated your company’s medical technology is, without marketing intelligence, you may not be able to develop a valuable commercial product.

MCG specializes in providing marketing consulting services to medical technology companies. We focus on understanding your company’s technology capabilities, marketplace, regulatory issues and commercialization. 

We can help you develop a comprehensive, detailed, and most importantly, realistic plan to successfully position your company’s promising medical technology into the marketplace.